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Team Death Match
Patrol And Ambush


Team death match is simply what it suggests ~ A fight to the death between 2 teams RED and BLUE!

The team which successfully kills all the members of the opposite team is the winner.
This game will test the abilities of both teams and introduce them to the guns and the playing area.



Each team takes turns to defend the compound and the weapon of mass destruction (WMD) inside from the advancing enemy.

The attack forcewill have to make their way into the compound and defuse the WMD before time runs out. If the WMD goes off the defending team wins.
After a round the attacking team will try their hand at defending the fort.


A good old fashioned siege game where each team takes turns defending a base whilst the attacking force has free range of the remainder of the site to stage their attack.

The attacking force can use a strategical smoke grenade as a distraction or cover to attack the penned in enemy.
After one round the teams swap and plot their revenge


One team is chosen to be the ‘hiders’, the other ‘seekers’.  The hiders are given a specific time to hide before the seekers can begin to seek.  The hiders must remain in their chosen hiding place and cannot move.  They have one life and must use it with care!

The game has a 10 minute time limit and the team with the most kills at the end wins.


In this game the teams will compete to hold the domination point by shooting the dominator box. The team in control will then need to defend the point fighting off the oncoming enemy. Throughout the game the dominator can change between the two team. In order to win the team must control the dominator for longer than the other. At the end of the allocated time the game will end and the dominator will flash with the team that held it for the longest.