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Woodland combat simulation using state of the art infared weapons.

Lazer Wars North East is an exciting and innovative new company offering woodland combat simulation using state of the art infa-red weapons.

A new and exciting outdoor alternative to paintball in County Durham.

No projectiles are involved, hits are registered by sophisticated infa-red technology.

Our activities have no hidden costs.  Check out our prices page for details.

The weapons we use are extremely accurate and incorporate red dot sights with an effective range of 215 Metres (700 feet).  Each player has 1200 rounds per game.

We can also offer exclusive group use.  No sharing the battlefield with other groups.  Minimum group size is 10 and prices start at just £20 per person for a 3 hour games session (see our prices page for more info).

Our insurance does not stipulate an age limit for players.  However we find that players under the age of 8 can sometimes struggle with the weight of the weapons which are around about 2.5 kg each.  If  you require any advise or would like to discuss the age of player in your group please feel free to contact us.


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